About Kathie Godec

After spending my childhood in Ukiah, California, I attended college in the Bay Area where I received my BA as a diversified art major. My studies there included painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography, jewelry, and graphic art. Experiencing the diversity of the Bay Area and the art there, and being able to work in multiple art forms myself, broadened my cultural view and informed who I am today, my art, my way of seeing, and my willingness to experiment.

My work experience, first as a graphic artist, and then as a landscape designer, reinforced my aesthetic for clean lines, bold color, high contrast, and tightly rendered graphic images. Most recently, my pieces reflect a much looser feel and represent a more internal personal view. My work has evolved into a more abstract translation of the process of seeing and feeling, and is reflective of my taking in of stimuli, both consciously and unconsciously. Using mostly colored pencil on paper with other media, my pieces remain focused on the importance of surface texture, quality of line, and bold color.